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Feb 14 2022


Download 7.0.10

After installing this version it is necessary to perform a database update in FORMCYCLE.

The H2 database driver is no longer supplied by Xima® Formcycle and has to be installed manually like the drivers of the other database types.


  • The workflow event After state change is now triggered even when a state change action to the current state of the form record was executed.
  • Saved form records or form records waiting for confirmation of a double opt-in are locked and now also do not reveal any information about the form record subject or process ID. These records are also no longer exportable.
  • If files are uploaded that cannot be read, a corresponding error message is displayed. This can happen, for example, if a virus scanner restricted access to the file or deleted the file. This adjustment affects both the backend as well as frontend forms.
  • Form records of offline forms can still be opened and submitted. See the access  settings of a form that lets you configure this behavior.
  • The Quartz scheduler can be configured via application settings. The following parameters can now be customized:
    • The number of threads in the thread pool.
    • The time for re-executing triggers.
    • The time until a trigger is considered to have failed.
  • The name of upload elements was previously limited to 100. The name can now be up to 255 characters long.
  • The default value for the number of connection attempts to the frontend server has been increased to 50.
  • Temporary directory for uploads in backend has been adjusted.
  • Configuring custom CSS for the backend requires an appropriate license.
  • Improved log messages when the form record limit is reached.

Bug fixes

  • Security improvements. Among other things, the logging library used has been updated to the latest version. See also here.
  • Error messages that occur during server-side validation are now correctly displayed for repeated elements
  • Filtering by keywords in the form overview also works with numeric values as keywords.
  • Fixed an error when deleting elements from repeated upload elements. Files are also no longer lost when resubmitting the form.
  • Fixed an error when determining the content type and character encoding for the HTML response page and HTTP request actions.
  • The color of links, such as in the label text of elements, is no longer overridden and can also be adjusted via CSS.
  • When W3C compliant mode is disabled, the HTML attribute name is still set for containersand fieldsets.
  • Also for Fieldset & Container elements, the HTML attribute data-org-name or org-name (when W3C compliant mode is disabled) is set.
  • When cleaning file names in file generating actions, characters before the last slash are no longer truncated.
  • No more unnecessary redirection when opening forms without access restrictions.
  • URL parameters are preserved when redirecting within a form session.
  • When sending form invitations, the form-specific inbox view is updated.
  • Fixed an error in the workflow designer that could prevent it from opening.
  • The tile for importing forms from the form store is not displayed if no URL for a form store has been set in the system.
  • Fixed an error when importing forms with KERBEROS access.
  • Hidden form elements are excluded during server-side validation. Conditional visibility is now also taken into account.
  • The value of xf-action is no longer encoded if server-side button validation is disabled in the form designer. In old forms this is disabled by default, and when xf-action is accessed via JavaScript, you can now access the plain value again as in previous versions.
  • Conditions are evaluated correctly for image elements.
  • Form variables, which are used in the form, are now also replaced during redisplay. In addition, system variables in the Identifier for duplicate data sets are also replaced correctly.
  • If the number of repetitions of a form element is negative, this value is treated as 0.
  • Errors in server-side validation of repeated form elements are now displayed.
  • When using FORMCYCLE with a Microsoft SQL Server database, more than 2100 form records can now be exported from the inbox.
  • Fixed minor user interface bugs.


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