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Mar 22 2022


Download 7.0.11

This version adds translation for Ukrainian and Russian to response pages (HTML text templates) and web form messages (I18N variables). For response pages, you need to reset a response page for the new translations to show up. Note: Manual changes you made to the response page will be lost!


  • Automatic uploads: When you open a form and select an upload, the file is only transmitted to the server when you submit the form. For larger files, this may take a long time. To alleviate long submission times, you can now enable the new automatic upload feature in the form designer. When enabled, files are uploaded in the background while you can continue to fill out the form. You can also interact with automatic uploads programmatically via xutil.ajaxUploadManager.
  • Image compression for uploads: Images uploaded by users can end up large, such as when they take an image with their mobile phones. You can enable the new image compression feature in the form designer for upload elements. When enabled, uploaded images are compressed and scaled automatically. To save space, the original file is discarded.


  • You can now add more than one form store URL in the Look & Feel menu in the backend. When you want to create a new form on the forms overview page, one option is displayed for each form store that lets you import forms from that store. 
  • At places where you can configure a database connection in the backend, a warning is now shown when no driver is installed for the selected database type.
  • The inbox lets you select and run user-defined workflow event. Previously, the selection used the names of the workflow processing chain, which was confusing to some users. Now, the names of the user-defined events are displayed.
  • Selecting CSS classes in the form designer: The form designer lets you choose and add CSS  classes to a form element. Previously, you could only add CSS classes that were defined in an existing CSS file. Now, you can add any arbitrary CSS class, and classes from CSS files are offered as suggestions. In addition, you can now also add CSS classes to the container of a form element.
  • Variables in the configured extension of an upload element are now replaced.
  • The note warning users that they are using an outdated browser now shows up for all versions of Internet Explorer.
  • New JavaScript functions were added that let you control the appointment picker programmatically: jQuery.fn.appointmentPicker

Bug fixes

  • The inbox lets you filter form records by their subject again.
  • The workflow action Date and time offers several pre-defined date formats. Some were incorrectly labeled, this has been corrected. Also, a few more pre-defined formats were added.
  • Show the correct error message when submitting a form with an uploaded file that has a size of 0 bytes. 
  • Server validation is now correctly skipped when the submit button does not require the form to be validated. Note: this requires the settings Validate submit button to be enabled in the form designer.
  • Variables in the default HTML response page are replaced, even when no explicit response page was set in the workflow.
  • The variable section to the bottom of the form designer lets you add hidden variable input fields to the form. Variables within the default value of non server-only variables are now replaced.
  • Visibility and read-only conditions are evaluated correctly for select elements with auto complete enabled, even when such an element is hidden or disabled initially.
  • Text area elements with the option auto resize enabled adjust their size correctly even when such as element is initially hidden.
  • All users can see and change the available states and user groups for state and user group based restrictions in the form designer.
  • Minor bug fixes for the server validation feature.
  • Minor UI fixes for the backend user interface.


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