Aug 24 2021

Download 7.0.1

If not yet upgraded to FROMCYCLE version 7, please refer to the information of release version 7.0.0.


  • The POST request action of the new workflow is now called HTTP request and supports additional request methods by specifying the HTTP verb. Furthermore, it is now possible to set which status codes of the HTTP response should be considered as errors.
  • The number of elements in JSON arrays in variable values can be evaluated with .length().
  • Improved keyboard support in the workflow designer. The element selection dialog can be navigated with arrow keys and elements can be inserted with Enter. Escape closes the dialog.


  • Access control Header are also set for HTTP OPTIONS when requesting forms.
  • Spacing between paragraph elements in HTML email messages has been reduced.
  • Improved client-side API for form element widget plugins.
  • Type declarations for the client-side API are available in the NPM registry of FORMCYCLE.
  • Form element widget plugins can specify if or when they are available in the form designer.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the wrong form was selected on the My Forms page under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug where disabled repeating form elements did not show the correct value.
  • Certain special characters in PDF Fill no longer cause processing errors.
  • Variables are no longer inserted with unnecessary HTML tags in the email message editor.
  • Missing variables in the variable dialog have been added.
  • Search confirmation by Enter in the designer element search box no longer results in an error.
  • Improved search for installed fonts.
  • In the properties of the workflow action LDAP Query, filters for return values can also be deleted again.
  • The variable [%lang%] is evaluated consistently.
  • The search in the form overview has been improved.
  • Hints about validation errors in autocomplete input fields no longer disappear on submit attempts.
  • Error messages for autocomplete input fields no longer disappear when submit buttons are clicked.
  • Menu items for frontend servers are not displayed if the license does not allow this.
  • Minor interface bugs have been fixed.
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