May 24 2022

Please use version 7.0.15.

Up until now, the special system state Received had the name RESERVED_SYSSTATE_RECEIVED. This name is changed to Received during the update to 7.0.13. Additionally, you can now also edit the name of this special state in the workflow designer. While this change should not affect most users, it may break JavaScript function that check for the name RESERVED_SYSSTATE_RECEIVED. In that case, either adjust the script or change  the name of the state back to its old value.


  • Added a new malware scanner plugin type. This plugin type makes it possible to scan for malware and viruses in files with the virus scanner software of your choice. When a malware scanner plugin is installed, files uploaded in the backend and files uploaded by users via frontend form are scanned for malware. We currently offer plugins for Microsoft Defender (Windows) and ClamAV (Linux).
  • Added a new role permission for deleting form records. This permission controls whether a user is allowed to delete form records in the inbox. By default, all users with access to the inbox are granted this permission. 
  • Previously Xima® Formcycle blocked any attempts to include backend pages in third-party pages via iframes. This is still the default, but you can add exceptions for third-party pages that are allowed to include backend pages, see System   General.
  • Added new placeholder variables for selected elements displayed as questions. For example, let's say you have got a form with a select element named sel1, with 3 questions Q1, Q2, Q3 and 3 answers A1, A2, A3. When the selected answers are Q1-A1, Q2-A1, Q2-A2, Q3-A1, Q3-A2, Q3-A3, then:
    • [%sel1%] resolves to A1;A1,A2;A1,A2,A3
    • [%sel1_0%] resolves to A1, [%sel1_1%] resolves to A1,A2, and [%sel1_2%] resolves to A1,A2,A3

Changes (Backend)

  • The configuration page Data   LDAP connections lets you connect query an existing active directory. Previously a username and password were required, which meant that you could not connect to public directories. The username and password are now optional.
  • When a form store provides an icon, that icon is shown in the import dialog instead of the generic form store icon.
  • The form designer lets you translate the form into different languages. Previously, you could select all languages that were installed on the system that hosts the Xima® Formcycle server, but you could not add custom language codes. Since version 7.0.13, you can select between one of the languages configured on the Files & templates   I18N variables page. To add a custom language, add a new language to the i18n variables. In addition, you can also show all languages previously available if that becomes necessary.

Changes (Frontend)

  • When printing a form, it always uses up the entire available width. This also fixes the zoom feature of the print service plugin.
  • The JavaScript functions jQuery.fn.autocompleteDB and jQuery.fn.autocompleteLDAP allow additional parameters to be passed to the query via the params argument. Previously, you could only pass string parameters, now you can also pass HTML elements and JQuery instances - the value of the form element is then sent as a parameter to the query.
  • Improved performance for forms with select elements and many conditions.
  • Improved variables replacement in various properties of a form element in the form designer:
    • Form-specific variables such as [%$PROJECT_ALIAS%] or [%$PROJECT_TITLE%] are now replaced.
    • Variables in the default value of select elements are now replaced.


  • Improved the detection when the connection to the database is lost and when the database is available again.
  • When selecting a database type, no error message regarding missing drivers is shown anymore when you select MySQL 5 and the driver is installed on the system.
  • Improved server validation when a form element is unavailable or disabled due to the state or user group condition
  • Fixed a bug in the automatic height calculation of textarea elements.
  • A bug related to upload elements with automatic uploads was fixed: Files were not saved correctly when the form element had an underscore in its name.
  • The correct English translation is shown for appointment elements when the language is changed, e.g. via the languages switcher plugin.
  • When the server validation is enabled for a form element and an existing form record is submitted again, only the newly submitted data were validated previously. This was fixed so that the existing data is taken into account as well. 
  • Saving form data in the offline app did not work when select elements contained options with a value longer than a single character. This can be fixed by updating to Xima® Formcycle 7.0.13.
  • Minor bug fixes related to server validation.
  • Minor bug fixes in the form and workflow designer.
    • The very first form version backup is now loaded correctly as well.
    • When inserting a form template and the template was a container or fieldset, sometimes elements in the container or fieldset were removed and not inserted correctly. 
    • Sometimes the form preview did not display correctly.
    • Workflow actions could be dragged and dropped to multiple drop points simultaneously, which resulted in the action being added multiple times. This was fixed so that an action can be dropped only to one drop point at a time.
  • Minor bug fixes in the backend UI.


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