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Download 6.2.0

Version 6.2 introduces a new export format for forms. It is not compatible with previous versions of Xima® Formcycle. If you want to import forms into version 6.1 or 6.0 of Xima® Formcycle, you can choose the compatibility format when exporting a form. However, importing forms into version 5 and 4 is not supported.


Form summary
Creates a PDF document with details about the form, such as the form fields it contains, the configured worfklow, used data source and more.
Blank form (Word / PDF export)
Creates a Word or PDF document of the form that is optimized for printing.
Reworked form import and export
When you export a form, all data sources and templates used by the form are exported as well. When you import the form later in a different system, these resources can be created if they do not exist yet. In case you do not want to export all resources, you can choose which resources you would like to include in the form export.
Update form
You can update a form with the data from an export file. One common use case is when you want to transfer a form between a test and a live system. In case certain user groups, states, actions, data sources or other resources cannot be found in the target system, a new wizard dialog helps you to quickly resolve these conflicts.
Invite people
The new invitation features lets you create a new form record for each person and prefill it with some of their data. You can then send an email to each person with a link to the prefilled form.
Plain text emails
The workflow action email now lets you send email either as HTML (rich text), plain text, or as HTML mixed with plain text.
Password policy
You can now define a password policy for user passwords, such as the minimum number of characters or which characters the password must contain.
Deleting protocol entries
You may now delete old protocol entries, either manually or automaically. This frees memory in the database and may be required by certain privacy policies.
Grant client frontend server permission to all forms
Previously you had to grant access for each form separately. With the new option on the client frontend server, you can grant it access to all forms so that all existing and future forms are available on that frontend server.
Open form with different themes
You can add the URL parameter xfc-rp-theme to a form link to open it with different CSS layouts. For example, you could use with feature to embed the form in different parts of your web page with differently colored themes.
Disable entire pages, containers, or fieldsets
The feature that lets you disable element depending on the user group or current state of the form now works for form elements of type page, container and fieldset as well. All form elements in the container are disabled as well.
Hide buttons for repeated elements
When a trigger element was set for a repeated element, a new option now lets you hide the plus and minus button on the repeated element. This is helpful when you want the number of repetitions to be controlled only by the trigger element.
New cluster settings
New cluster properties were added to control the timeouts for the communication between cluster servers.


  • When you add a new form element of type buttons, previously only a back and next button was present by default. Now a third submit is present as well.
  • For a Auswahlfeldern element, you can enter a list of selectable options. Each options consists of a title that is shown to the user and a value that is sent when the form is submitted. Now, white spaces at the beginning and end of the value are removed automatically (only when displayed as a drop down list). This lets you now enter default options with an empty value.
  • Line breaks in the value or options of select elements are now ignored, as they are usually added unintentionally (when copying and pasting text).
  • A new property renderStatus was added to the JavaScript object XFC_METADATA in the rendered form.
  • Plugins developers can now let the build time be displayed on the plugin configuration page.
  • Several performance optimizations in the inbox for filters, form-specific inbox views and attachments.

Bug fixes

  • When the user adds a new copy of a repeated element, the value of the newly added element is now always cleared.
  • The answer choices for select elements displayed as Questions are now internationalizable (can be translated into different languages).
  • When a form is opened in preview mode, submitting the form will not create a new form record anymore. Instead, a preview page with the submitted data is shown, similar to the designer preview.
  • The preview mode lets you view the form in different workflow states. The data in the JavaScript object XFC_METADATA.currentProcess is now set correctly.
  • An error sometimes occurred when a page was deleted in the designer and the form was saved afterwards.
  • Several small layout issues in the backend user interface were fixed.


Download 6.1.8


  • Fix for incorrectly inserted placeholders for attachments within HTML templates
  • Correction of an error that ignored the file names of uploads during processing when sending via frontend server. Saving the uploads was not affected by this.
  • Fixed a rare bug that prevented forms from being rendered after restarting the server or application. This was caused by an incorrectly restored session.


Download 6.1.7


  • Fixed a bug that caused the tile "Create new form" to be displayed twice in the form overview
  • Fixed a security vulnerability when using LDAP groups


Download 6.1.6


  • Forms on the form overview page are now displayed across multiple pages. By default there are 25 forms per page. This improves performance and loading time when there are many form( > 100).
  • A new option was added to the form access menu: Visible only for. Previously users would always see all forms on the form overview page. If necessary, it is now possible to limit which users can see a certain form. Please note that you can still prevent users from modifying the settings of a form even if they can see it.
  • The form record history is preserved even when an action of type Renew process ID is run by a workflow process.

Bug fixes backend

  • Users of an LDAP group could not publish a form in the Xima® Formcycle Designer, as they permissions were not read correctly.
  • There were some issues that occurred when Xima® Formcycle was shutdown or started, these have been fixed.
  • The system update was optimized - it could take some time in case many forms did not have a preview image yet.
  • Excel documents were not imported correctly when they contained empty cells.
  • Forms could not be copied in some circumstances when certain actions were configured in the workflow processing.

Bug fixes forms

  • When a repeated container element contained an upload element as its first child and the container was scheduled to cleared when hidden, the children were not cleared completely.
  • An error occurred when an action of type Word fill was run and the Word document contained a table with both repeated elements and content control elements.
  • Embedded fonts in PDF documents are handled better by the action PDF fill.
  • When a form contained select fields displayed as a questionnaire, the value of the select field was not shown correctly when the form was submitted and opened again.


Download 6.1.5


  • Fixed a performance issue in the inbox.


Download 6.1.4


  • Under "My data" of LDAP group users the corresponding LDAP groups are now displayed in addition
  • Defective Base64 images are now tried to be printed in corrected form in the action "Word (Fill)" and the method "b64img"
  • The attribute "name" has been removed from the option "Please select" of selection elements within forms


  • Fixed a bug that caused a form inbox link to be incorrectly redirected to the dashboard after login
  • Fixed an error that under certain circumstances prevented the JavaScript area from being displayed in the Designer
  • Fixed an error that caused the values to be written to the wrong columns when exporting into Excel with multiple form versions
  • The cell content of the Excel export is now limited to 32767 characters in order to keep the generated file readable in current Excel versions
  • The Excel export now takes into account the sorting order of the inbox
  • Minor corrections in the user interface
  • Removal of minor security risks


Download 6.1.3


  • Correction of the authorization check within the Designer for users from LDAP groups
  • Incorrect double encoding of options removed from select items
  • Bugfix in the "lsttxt" function within the action "Word (Fill)" when using data sources
  • Adjustment of the calculation of the client's memory usage
  • Small adjustments to the user interface


Download 6.1.2


  • Forms older than version 6.1.0 will now use the correct column number for the text and value of options for select-items with data sources or queries
  • When exporting Excel, forbidden characters for the sheet name are replaced by "_" in the project title



  • Small gui adjustments
  • Usability improvements when resetting or changing user passwords in the login gui


  • The duplicate inputs for "Disabled" and "Readonly if" in older forms has been removed
  • Bug fixes for the project import/export
  • Fixed the integration of processing plugins with custom gui



  • The length limitation of LDAP filter queries has been removed for all connections
  • In the user group configuration page, the corresponding LDAP groups can now also be selected
  • Categorization of attachments of an form submit in the inbox and highlighting of empty files
  • Adjustments in the publishing wizard to include jQuery with the appropriate integration variants
  • When setting the condition "Extensions" for upload fields they are now also taken into account when selecting files through the browser. Furthermore, the file extensions can now also begin with a dot.
  • The column number to use for the value and the text of options of select-items is now configurable when using data sources and queries
  • Under "System" > "Look & Feel" the client selection in the login screen can now also be activated/deactivated for standard installations
  • Forms can now be opened in preview and live-mode directly from within the designer
  • Various gui, text and translation improvements
  • Various enhancements and adjustments of plugin interfaces


  • Double-Opt-In is now also possible after temporarily saving a form
  • In the action "POST-Request", uploads are now transferred again with their corresponding element name
  • The validation of conditional rendering or activation of form fields (e.g. "Hidden if") now also works on upload fields when redisplaying an form submit
  • Fixed errors in the evaluation of user access rights to individual forms
  • OfflineClient plugin: Values of checkboxes and radio buttons are now correctly accepted in the tabular view of select elements 


  • Support of MariaDB as system database (beta)
  • The action "Email" can now send mails directly to FORMCYCLE users or user groups
  • In the action "Email" now also "CC" and "BCC" receivers can be specified. Alternatively it is now also possible to send separate mails to each recipient
  • New system placeholder for the name of the current inbox ([%$FORM_INBOX_NAME%]) 
  • The "Filename" property on upload elements can now be used to replace the filename of a form upload using wildcards
  • The usage of metadata columns can now be configured in the Excel export in the inbox
  • The usage of metadata attributes can now be configured in the XML export in the inbox and in the corresponding action
  • Under "System" > "Look & Feel" system-wide CSS can now be specified to customize the backend gui
  • New plugin type for the optical modification of the backend gui
  • New plugin type for role-based display of an alternative dashboard
  • New plugin type for custom role permissions
  • New plugin type for custom menu entries
  • Support of custom backend pages within portal plugins
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