Encode Base64

7.2.1+  This action is available from Xima® Formcycle version 7.2.1 onwards.

Konfigurationsoberfläche der Aktion Als Base64 kodieren

The action Encode as Base64 allows you to encode a given file into a Base64 string or a data URI.


Encoding settings

The file to be encoded.

Action variables

Actions of type Encode as Base64 provide Action variables which can be used in subsequent actions.

Standard action variables

[%$<action name>.SUCCESS%]
Return whether action was successfully executed. Returns Boolean (true/false).
[%$<action name>.RESULT%]
Return all results provided by the action in structured form.
[%$<action name>.ERROR_CODE%]
The error code thrown in case of an error in the action. Empty if no error occurred.
[%$<action name>.ERROR_MESSAGE%]
The thrown error message in the action's error case. Empty if no error occurred.

Action specific action variables

[%$<action name>.RESULT.base64Text%]
The encoded Base64 string.
[%$<action name>.RESULT.base64DataUri%]
The encoded data URI.
[%$<action name>.RESULT.mimeType%]
The media type of the file that was encoded.
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