Invitation sent

Via the form menu item Publish there is the possibility to create new tasks and optionally send an invitation to this task via email. This event occurs when a new task is created via this menu item.

System variables

Events of type Invitation sent provide Systemvariables which can be used in subsequent actions.

Default variables

Can be used in the new workflow to access the data provided by the current event. This data will be returned as JSON. The individual values of the event can be accessed via JsonPath (see [%$TRIGGER.<JSON_PATH>%]).
Depending on the type of event, different information is provided via the event variables. Specific information of the event can be accessed via JsonPath. Which information the different event types provide can be seen via the infobox at the event.

Event specific variables

Email address of the recipient to whom the invitation was sent. Empty string if sending the email was disabled.
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