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1 The //form// tab of the properties panel to the right lets you change basic settings such as the default CSS layout, the form's maximum width and the error style for invalid form fields.
3 {{figure image="designer_form_properties_en.png"}}
4 You can change the base settings of the form by clicking on the //form// tab of the properties panel.
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7 {{figure image="designer_form_properties_error_message_layout_en.png"}}
8 When a required fields was left empty, an error message is shown. This settings lets you change how this error message looks like.
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11 {{figure image="designer_form_properties_error_message_speech_bubble_en.png"}}
12 Displaying the error message as a speech bubble below a form element.
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15 {{figure image="designer_form_properties_error_message_icon_en.png"}}
16 Displaying the error as an icon next to a form element. Hover over the icon with the mouse to view the error message.
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19 {{figure image="designer_form_properties_error_message_text_en.png"}}
20 Displaying the error message as text below a form element.
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23 {{table dataTypeAlpha="0" preSort="0-asc" colWidth="150-800"}}
24 |=name|=description
25 |Title|The form's title. It will be also be shown as the page title in the browser.
26 |Layout{{id name="layout"/}}|The layout (CSS) of the form. The default layout is always available. To add new layouts, create a new [[CSS templates>>doc:Formcycle.UserInterface.FilesAndTemplates.Design]]. After selecting a new layout you can see the changes immediately.
27 |Modern theme|When checked, applies some default styles that make the form look more modern. Checkboxes and radio buttons are rendered with custom icons.
28 |Show errors|Specifies how errors are displayed. To change the default error messages, edit the global template [[i18n variables>>doc:Formcycle.UserInterface.FilesAndTemplates.I18nVariables]] gehalten.
29 |Max. width|Maximum width of the form in pixels.
30 |Min. width|Minimum width of the form in pixels. Normally, form elements are scaled to fit the width of the browser window. When browser window is smaller than the minimum width, form elements are not scaled anymore, and a vertical scrollbar appears in the browser.
31 |Responsive at|Width when the form is displayed in //responsive mode//. If the width of the browser window is smaller than the specified value, optimizations for mobile devices are applied. All items grouped together in rows are rearranged vertically such that each form field now takes up an entire row.
32 |Show logo|Whether the {{formcycle/}} logo should be shown below the form or not.
33 |Save to local file|Click this button to save a local copy of the form. This can be used as a backup.
34 |Load from local file|Select a local copy of the form to upload. This will replace the current form with the form you selected.
35 |Max. backups|Maximale number of form backups. Each time you save the form, a new backup is created.
36 |Description|Description of this form. This is meant for internal use only. When you open the form, this description is not shown anywhere.
37 {{/table}}
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