Interface: IPluginProcessing


Placement of the status processing plugin within the process chain of Xima® Formcycle
  • Connection of own web service interfaces that are to further process transmitted form values.
  • Connection of external systems which are to further process form values

Method signatures

The plugin interface IPluginProcessing references all methods provided by the Basic Interface IFCPlugin.
and additionally the following plugin-specific method signatures:

IPluginProcessingRetVal execute(IPluginProcessingParams params) throws FCPluginException

Transfer values.

Placeholder substitution is applied to all parameters before they are passed to the plugin. For example, [%tf1%] within the value of a parameter is replaced by the content of the form field with the name tf1. At present, it is not possible to set whether the placeholder replacement should be carried out or not.

The IPluginProcessingParams type provides the following properties:
  • Access to the workflow processing context (IWorkflowProcessingContext) and thus to central object such as:
    • current process
    • form data
    • session parameters
    • parameters from upstream action processing of the same status
    • current user context in order to be able to perform database operations, for example
  • Access to the action object in which the processing is carried out and thus information about the classification of the current action within the status processing.
  • Access to the parameters configured on the status processing plug-in.
Return values The return value must be of type IPluginProcessingRetVal. This makes it possible to return simple status values (true or false), but also several values in the form of strings or binary data of a file.The following table names the possible return interfaces and their reference implementation:
 Interface Reference implementation Description
IProcessingResultSuccessProcessingResultSuccessReturn a status (true or false)
IProcessingResultIntValueProcessingResultIntValueReturns a status and an integer value.
IProcessingResultStringValueProcessingResultStringValueReturns a status and a string value.
IProcessingResultMultiValueProcessingResultMultiValueReturns a status and a map with string values. 
IProcessingResultFilePathProcessingResultFilePathReturns a status and a file path.
IProcessingResultFileDataProcessingResultFileDatareturns a status and the binary data of a file.

If the plugin is processed incorrectly, an FCPluginException is thrown. This can be reacted to in the status processing of Xima® Formcycle, by configuring an action to be executed in the event of an error.
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