i18n variables

i18n variables let you view or edit all texts used by forms. They can also be translated into multiple languages.

Any changes you make here affect all forms of the client. In case you would like to change a message only for one particular form, modify or extend the JavaScript object XM_FORM_I18N and add the desired messages.

Here you can manage all messages that are used by forms. This includes, among other things, error messages when a form field was left empty or when an invalid value was entered. Each message has got a key (leftmost column) that uniquely identifies that message. These keys cannot be changed. However, you can add your own keys and use them, for example, with custom JavaScript. For each key you can edit the message and translate it into different languages. When no translation was set for a certain language, the system fall back to a default message.

Other than the key column you can find one column for each language. To add a new language, click on the button insert language variation at the bottom. To get the language to work properly, please make sure you use an existing ISO code for the language tag. To be precise, it should be an ISO-639-1 code. For example: de for German, en for English, or fr for French.

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