Hovering over a form version reveals the context menu.

Xima® Formcycle can manage multiple versions of a form. Depending on whether a form has been newly created, derived or edited, individual versions are created, which in turn can be edited or derived separately.

  • Create
    Creates a new version.

  • Edit
    Open the currently highlighted version in the Xima® Formcycle Designer to edit.

  • Preview
    Shows the currently highlighted version in the preview.

  • Duplicate
    Copies the currently highlighted version. This copied version is not activated automatically.

  • Delete
    Deletes the currently highlighted version. Active versions cannot be deleted. To delete an active version, first activate another version.

When you create a form, the first form version is automatically generated. As a rule, the current version is duplicated and activated after a certain period of time. The old version is therefore an older version that can be reloaded if necessary.

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