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Xima® Formcycle requires a pre-existing database  for storing system related data. When installing Xima® Formcycle, the database structure is initialized automatically by the system. You only need to provide a connection to working database.

Configuring the database connection

Database type

Select the database type of the database you would like to use.

JDBC-Connection URL

Every database has got slightly different URL for establishing a connection. Click on the example button to the right to see a list of common URLs.

Max. number of parallel connections

The maximum number of connections between Xima® Formcycle and the database at any given time.

Connection timeout in seconds (0 = none)

The time an open connection between must remain idle for the connection between Xima® Formcycle and the database to be closed.

Database user

User name for the database login.

DB password

Password for the database login.

Database encryption

Xima® Formcycle provides the option to enable encryption for the database to prevent against unauthorized access. Meta data is always encrypted and form data may be encrypted optionally.

To activate encryption, you must set the following options:


The encryption alogrithm to be used. The default is PBE with SHA and Twofish-CBC (recommended).

Encrypt form data

Enable this option to encrypt data of submitted forms including all attachments. When you use a mySQL database, form specific data tables are encrypted as well.


The password uses to encrypt the data.

Depening on the chosen encryption algorithm, the password and the Java version you are using it may become necessary to install the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files. If these files are missing, an appropriate error message will be displayed.

Migrating data sets

Enable this option to perform data migration when you click next. This needs to done every time you change the password or activate data encryption for the first time. This is possible even while Xima® Formcycle is still running.

When this option is selected, the previos configuration will be used to decrypt the data and the newly entered configuration will be used to encrypt the data again.

Password confirmation

In case the encryption has already been active, you must enter the password used to encrypt the data here. Otherwise the encryption method cannot be changed or deactivated, even if the database connection has been changed.

To prevent data loss, it is recommended to make a backup of the current database before modifying the database configuration.

Initializing the database

Click on Next to proceed with the database initialization. This will create all required tables and entries automatcally.

After the database initialization has completed successfully, you will be redirected to the system update page. This is important only when performing an update of Xima® Formcycle. When you are installing Xima® Formcycle for the first time, you do not need to perform the update.

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