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All properties can be accessed using the main navigation. By clicking on an entry, the corresponding page is displayed or a sub-menu opened. An exception is the entry forms. Here the available forms are shown to the right of the main navigation. Upon selecting a form, the possible options or properties are opened.

Searching in the main navigation

In the upper part of the main navigation a search for properties and forms (form navigation) is available.

Filter criteria for form navigation

In the search field of the form navigation filter criteria can be used, in addition to a search by form name.
The entry of a special filter criterion must be carried out according to the following pattern: <filter criterion>:<search term associated with the criterion>

The following filter criteria are supported:

  • id: Filters by a certain form-Id 
  • status: Filters by form status. Possible values: online or offline
  • group: Filters by form group.
  • creator: Filters by the creator of the form (first name + last name)
  • created: Filters by the time of form creation. In the form, the filter date is specified as dd.MM.yyyy.
  • processed: Filters by the date of the form's last modification. In the form, the filter date is specified as dd.MM.yyyy.

The entry of filter criteria is not mandatory. For example, a form with the ID 3415 can be found with the following keyword: "id:3415" or "3415"

Action bar

At the top of each page there is an action bar with available actions relevant to this page.

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