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Actions of type redirect allow you to redirect the user to a different internal or external web page.

User interface for editing actions of type Redirect.


  • URL template
    Select the target URL. Instead of entering the address of the web page directly, links and URLs are managed by URL template. In case an URL should have changed, you only need edit the URL once and the changes will be applied to all forms using that URL.
  • Additional URL parameters
    When necessary, custom URL parameters can be added to the URL.

The user will only be redirected once all actions have been processed. Should there be any other actions of type Redirect after this action, the user will be redirected to the URL specified by the most recently executed action of type Redirect.

For example, when two actions have been added for a state, the first action of type Response page redirecting the user to the response page Page 1, and the second action of type Redirect redirecting the user to Page 2, the user will be redirected to Page 2.

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